Our mission

Our mission

Envolve’s mission is to deliver straightforward, sustainable and substantial performance improvements for retailers and brands through collaborative intelligence.

Working with the data you have.

Working with the data you have.

One of the best things about working with retail data is that It increases in value the more that it is used.

There are many different ways we can put data to work – from using it to improve decision making inside your store, exploring operational efficiencies that save you money, to fine tuning the products and services provided by your business partners. Data can also be used to develop new analytic models, like predicting customer traffic and sales for certain products on specific days at specific times.

Envolve is committed to working with data in a way that benefits retailers and brands. We maintain a secure cloud environment where data is curated, quality controlled and stored, so that it can be repurposed for your benefit.

Most importantly, as a partner of Envolve, you always own your personal and business data, and the decision to share it for any commercial benefits rests with you.

Common questions

Common questions

What types of data are there?

Envolve works with five different types of data:

Personal: Information that identifies you, like your name and address.

Store Specific: Information collected from your store by sensors, cameras or point of sale systems.

Aggregated: A collection of data from many stores and sources that is anonymized.

Transformed: A collection of data that has been transformed via algorithms to produce a new set of data that is different from the original.

Public: Publicly provided datasets such as those made available by government agencies.

Privacy laws only prevent your personal information being shared without your consent

Do I own my data?

Privacy laws only protect your personal data. However all our customers own and retain control of their personal and store specific data. We do this through our customer contracts in our terms and conditions. We give you transparency, control and opportunities to share your data but the decision is yours to do so.

We don’t give personal or store specific data to third parties without your consent, however you might choose to do this because of a benefit. For example you might want to share your store specific data with a business consultant because you want better advice, or your suppliers might offer you a commercial benefit if you share data that allows then to create better products and services. The decision is yours.

Envolve gives you an opportunity to participate in aggregated and anonymized commercial research projects. We also give you a commitment that we will never knowingly provide aggregated data to anyone when we should reasonably know that this will not be good for your business.

Transformed data belongs to Envolve, as it is completely new data created from our algorithms and data science and contains no personal, store specific or aggregated identifiers of the original data source.

Who can see it?

Anyone you give access to your store specific account can see category data that you grant access to. For example you might choose to give several food suppliers access to the fresh fruit & vegetable category data, your preferred milk supplier access to the dairy category data etc.

Envolve’s engineers and data scientists can also see store specific data, as we are constantly studying it to see how we can improve our analytics and provide you with better insights.

Is it secure?

As a customer of Envolve your data is secured using an AES-256 bit encryption as soon as it reaches our platform. We have partnered with Amazon Web Services, the leading enterprise grade solution used by many financial institutions and governments to host our platform and store your data in Singapore.

Envolve retains full responsibility for the management of this platform including data quality and security controls.

Can my data be used by anyone else?

As a customer of Envolve you own your personal and store specific data and this information is legally protected under our contracts. No other entity can use your data without your permission.
"My store needs insights to make decisions. Envolve’s support has helped our business make sense of data that we already have. They also give us a better way to work with suppliers on activities that were previously difficult to implement”
“My store needs insights to make decisions. Envolve’s support has helped our business make sense of data that we already have. They also give us a better way to work with suppliers on activities that were previously difficult to implement”
Mr Toh Hong Aik
Managing Director, UMart Franchise Singapore